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SHIM KIT 5.56MM 1/2-28 .750"

SHIM KIT 5.56MM 1/2-28 .750"

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This is the kit you need for timing the installation of your muzzle device. Don't risk misalignment by using a crush washer.

This set is for any 5.56 mm application with 1/2-28 threads. Can also be used to level really small tables, clean under your fingernails, or substitute for coins in really stupid vending machines. For other calibers, see below in the Other Products section.

Color: Silver
Material: Steel
Made in the USA
Make: AR-15

SPECS: Fits 5.56 rifles. Shim thicknesses included:  .008, .010, .012, .015, .020 & .031.  5.56 - 0.750" OD.  0.500" ID.  7.62 - 07.50" OD.  625" ID.