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Who is Karesuando Kniven?

The Swedish knife and axe factory Karesuando Kniven is based in the village of Karesuando on the Swedish - Finnish border near the triangle Norway - Sweden - Finland. There the production of high quality bushcraft knives and axes has a very long tradition. This tradition is reflected in the beautiful knives of Karesuando Kniven. The handcrafted knives and axes from Karesuando Kniven are intended for daily use on hunting, fishing or various other outdoor and bushcraft activities.

People living close to nature know that a knife and axe are the most important tools you carry when in the mountains, forests and wilderness. A genuine, good knife and axe becomes your loyal companions and are with you throughout your life. The knifes and axes we craft in Karesuando are adapted to our environment of the barren, arctic climate, Northern Lights and Midnight Sun. We make genuine products that are shaped by centuries of handicraft traditions and natural raw materials. An out-of-the-ordinary handicraft.