StormLake is an American made company in eastern Tennessee striving to meet a specific need, produce the highest quality precision pistol barrels possible regardless of cost or complexity. Like a stock engine that needs fine-tuning to win on the track, pistols built by manufacturers need a little something extra under the slide to gain a competitive advantage.

Using top-quality materials and precision machining coupled with the most talented machinists in the market, StormLake introduced a product line that continues to dominate matches and gain new customers. From caliber conversations to threaded barrels StormLake offers handgun owners the unique opportunity to expand the use of their pistol while increasing accuracy and longevity.

StormLake manufactures quality match grade handgun barrels for 1911, Glock, Springfield XD, and Smith&Wesson M&P model handguns. Several well known and respected handgun manufacturers in the industry have also chosen StormLake as their OEM barrel manufacturer. StormLake has been recognized for their accuracy and longevity since 1983.

All barrels are machined from solid firearms grade 416 stainless steel bar stock and hardened to 40-42 HRC. Rifling features one turn per 16 inches with a left hand twist. Options such as porting, threading, and kits are available. StormLake is dedicated to excellence in accuracy, excellence in quality, and excellence in value.
This is our guarantee. All StormLake barrels are proudly made in the USA.


Made in America