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Explorer 3317 Black 1 Gun Case

Explorer 3317 Black 1 Gun Case

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The Explorer Case 3317 is a sturdy case that's exceptionally resistant to impact, corrosion, humidity, water, dust, sand and atmospheric agents in general. With a body made of thick plastic resin, the Explorer 3317 incorporates a number of patented innovations, resulting in a strong and versatile case that's able to withstand the harshest of environments. Designed and manufactured in Europe, this waterproof case offers absolute protection.

Explorer 3317 is designed to carry a larger handgun such as a Ruger GP100 with 6 in. barrel, a S&W 629, or similar, along with two or three speedloaders, or personal items similar in size.

Model 3317B


  • Copolymer Polypropylene compound body
  • Neoprene seal
  • Removable lid
  • Waterproof and watertight
  • Sand-proof, dustproof and resistant to chemicals
  • Resistant to harsh temperatures (-33°C / +90°C)
  • Pressure valve quickly adjusts internal pressure in case of sudden changes in height or temperature
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Strong pressure locks can be padlocked
  • Supports keep the case upright when the cover is open
  • Can be stacked (even if different-size models)
  • Recommended for professional applications
  • External dimensions:   14.19’’ x 11.94’’ x 7.63’’
  • Internal dimensions:    13.00’’ x 9.19’’ x 6.69’’
  • Weight w/foam:           5.53 lbs.
  • Pelican Equivalent 1400
  • The interior consists of pick-n-pluck foam for easy customization. The lid has convoluted foam.
  • TSA Travel Sentry approved
  • 100% Guaranteed Forever!