25.75 X 15 RMP ONLY

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RMP Pelican 1600 Lid Organizer and Horizontal Cargo Area Gear Panel

- Pre-drilled holes to line up with mounting points in lid of Pelican Case

- Rigid Panel prevents sagging

- Attach MOLLE style pouches to organize your gear

- Customize with Adhesive Backed Loop to accept Velcro Hook Pouches

- Use GMT backer plates to hard mount accessories

- 0.25" holes on edge for mounting with screws

- 1" slots for attaching 1" Webbing Mounting Straps and Handles

The RMP was designed for modular organization on a rigid platform which can be secured in the lid, base, or walls of hard side cases among other applications. Quick access to your gear is enhanced by the consistent positioning and customizable layout. Inserted into any hard side case or vehicle, it gives you the tactical ability to organize your mission critical gear on an interchangeable platform that can be swapped out or quickly reorganized as the mission changes.


Width: 25.75" (654.05mm)

Height: 15" (381mm)

Thickness: 0.188" (4.77mm)

Material: High Strength Polyethylene

Panel Weight: 25 ounces (708.74 grams)

Vehicle Compatibility

- Compact to Full Size Cars (Trunk lid or rear seat back which is in trunk space)

- Compact to Full Size SUVs (Fold up Rear Seats, Cargo Area Walls) 

- Compact to Full Size Trucks (Fold up Rear Seats, Cargo Area Walls) 


- Helicopters and Aircraft (Cargo Area Walls)

- Boats (Cargo Area Walls)