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These Velcro Cinch Straps are great for mounting odd shaped/sized gear that doesn't have a MOLLE compatible pouch available (yet). Use them to mount a rifle, breaching tools, rope, C4, det cord....whatever your gear loving heart desires.

All Velcro Cinch Straps have a metal grommet for hard mounting to your Rigid MOLLE Panel with a chicago screw, bolt, or other fastener of your choice.

Suggested Uses:

6" - Optimal Bundle Diameter of 1", possible to use on AR-15 Buffer Tube and Muzzle (Tight, close fit), good for flashlights etc. as well.

8" - Optimal Bundle Diameter of 2", good use on AR-15 Buffer Tube, Stock, or Muzzle. Gives a little more wiggle room than 6".

12" - Optimal Bundle Diameter of 3", possible for AR-15 and other Rifle Stocks, Hand Rails, Muzzle, or magazines. Good for bundled slings and other accessories.

18" - Optimal Bundle Diameter of 4.5".

Length: 6", 8" 12", 18"

Width: 0.75"

(Pictured RIP-M panel, accessories, and guns/rifles not included)