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Customers can Special Order Clymer Precision products through Division Mogul

When CLYMER first opened its doors in 1958, we knew we had the right combination of people, expertise and equipment to provide precision machining. We also knew its long term success would require delivering more than just reamers and gauges. CLYMER would need to consistently exceed its customers’ expectations.

Now in our seventh decade of operation, that commitment has continued to distinguish CLYMER Precision as a trusted partner in the precision machining of reamers, gauges and other tooling. We continue to utilize the latest technology to ensure quality, productivity and efficiency, with ongoing investments in equipment and manpower to expand both our capabilities and capacity.

Today, CLYMER Precision is a different company than the shop that opened in the late 1950’s. Yet throughout our years of growth, one thing remains unchanged: our commitment to your satisfaction and exceeding your expectations. That’s the goal that drives us every day, and the promise that our customers have come to trust.

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