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We are proud to be a Canadian Dealer for Infante Ultrasonics

Just a few things about Infante Ultrasonic:

Infante™ has revolutionized gun cleaning by employing ultrasonic technology. This is very similar to the technology used to thoroughly clean heavy-duty automotive parts or delicate medical components. There are others who employ ultrasonic methods to clean guns, but Infante was the first and is made specifically for firearms. 

An Infante ultrasonic gun cleaner is designed specifically for guns - unlike other brands that sell re-purposed ultrasonic cleaners originally developed for cleaning other products.  Infante gun cleaners are only intended to ultrasonic clean gun parts!

Infante Tough Tanks™ are precisely welded and made to last being constructed of heavy-gauge stainless steel, not lightweight steel or plastic that others use. Tough Tanks are deep enough to accommodate baskets that hold guns upright so the particles removed from the gun parts cleaning do not settle back on gun parts during the process and are sized specifically to accommodate volume of guns, not engine parts, medical equipment or other items!

Only Infante™ uses Suspension Baskets; deep, stainless steel baskets in which gun parts sit vertically allowing more room for effective ultrasonic cleaning and maximum cavitation development under the basket. The baskets go from suspension to drain position which allows liquids to conveniently drain back into the tank while you examine your gun parts. 

- Please be advised that prices will change due to the USD/CAD exchange rate

Infante products are used in the USA by federal /state governments, gun shops, shooting ranges & individual shooters!

- All INFANTE ULTRASONICS will be shipped directly to the customer from the USA.

- Customers will be responsible for any Customs Duty Fee once their product has landed in Canada.