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History of ESCA Tech, Inc.

Today, ESCA Tech is the largest producer of specialty cleaners for the removal of heavy metals from the skin and other surfaces with stocking distributors serving customers in 45 countries worldwide. With over 30 years of experience in the control of heavy metals ESCA Tech provides extensive technical support covering a wide range of contamination control and regulatory topics.

ESCA Tech was founded February 1, 1979 by Daniel Askin to assist lead processors in meeting the OSHA lead standard published in November, 1978. Mr. Askin initially provided consulting services to the major battery manufacturers, battery recyclers, lead chemical producers, their contractors and other companies in the business of processing and using lead, arsenic and cadmium. In his consulting work, Dan wrote and implemented many of the first effective blood lead and blood cadmium reduction plans in industry. He taught respiratory protection, quantitative respirator fit testing, personal hygiene and designed plant ventilation systems, employee facilities and did pioneering work in the recirculation of industrial exhaust air and the application of HEPA filters for toxic dusts.

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